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On 13th and 14th of May 2014, the MPBUS consortium had the Kick-Off meeting at Sotés, La Rioja, Spain. The four partners of the consortium, JMP Ingenieros, Najera Aerospace, Yamar Electro...]]>
Spacial Proyect L - uPPT
JMP Ingenieros will lead
"Research and Development must be pragmatic"
Eduardo Remírez, together with his colleagues from JMP Ingenieros, Zigbee Telemetria and NASP, has developed around 350 projects in eighteen years, all of them with the hand of research i...]]>
NASP shows the “Intelligent Avionics Power Bus” project performance to CNES and CDTI
NASP has shown the “Intelligent Avionics Power Bus” project performance to the French Space Agency (CNES) and the Centro del Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI), which pr...]]>
NASP wins the Entrepreneurial Alliance Award 2009 of La Rioja
NASP has won the regional phase of the third edition celebrated in La Rioja of the "Premio EmprendedorXXI 2009", promoted by the Agency of Economic Development of La Rioja (ADER), &quo...]]>
Danuta Hübner, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy, visiting Najera Aerospace (NASP)
Past 30 March Miss Hübner together with the President of the Regional Government, Pedro María Sanz Alonso, and members of the Government Council, visited NASP in Logroño (La R...]]>
Eduardo Remírez receives an award as businessman of the year 2008
More than 350 projects in 17 years. It is the balance sheet of the career path of Eduardo Remírez, general manager of JMP Engineers and number one of the businessmen's 'ranking...]]>
La Rioja will have the first prototype of a space micro-launcher ready in 2014
The new signature will create a prototype of space micro-launcher that foresees to be finished in 2014, year in which the first test flights will be done. NASP works design and construction of t...]]>
NASP is born