Intelligent Avionics Power Bus


Based on a prototype demonstrator of breakthrough technologies for space, which represents the electric and electronic power management system of the next generation of space micro-launchers (up to 100kg). The system proposes a revolutionary design for a space launcher power management system, which provides a volume and weight reduction of 40% from the overall launcher, reducing consequently the propulsion propellant consumption and its cost.

The project achieves an important milestone for the next generation of space micro-launchers, and especially for its power management system. It concluded last 21st of January 2010, with a formal presentation and live demonstration to the project investors: CNES (French Space Agency) and CDTI (Spanish Agency). Next steps will be taken under a technology demonstrators based program.

As a demonstrator and due to its key features as light weight, power consumption optimization and an optimum thermal heat dissipation, the system is ready to be adapted for a multiple variety of applications in other fields such as: Electric Vehicles (EV), Plugged-Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV). Vehicles like: cars, boats, UAV's, spaceships, military, etc.

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