About us

NASP is a solid company with a small size which allows a extremely high adaptability and flexibility for any situation, and the development of highly innovative solutions for the aerospace, defense, energy and transport sectors.

The Aerospace Sector is involved in a changing and renewing process, where highly innovative solutions and resources optimization capability are needed as its only way to success and progress.

In this line, the progress requires to reduce the weight of the systems as a way to optimize their electrical power consumption and propulsion energy consumed. That is the proposal from NASP.

Because we are experts designing and developing high-tech and highly innovative electronic systems, like for instance: hybrid navigation systems, sensors, sensor networks, control systems on-board, embedded solutions, mixed signal complex solutions, etc, and specially power management and consumption optimization systems.

Our products and services are addressed to public and private companies and organizations that require systems and tools to improve their existing products, services and processes with innovation, technology and reliability as its key features.

NASP provides potential and freshness from an innovative company to achieve the most challenging technology adventures and projects.

            "Everything that a man can imagine, others can make it come true”. Jules Verne.